Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eat Dessert First

This morning while I was digging around in my wonderful French shopping basket looking for my journal, some papers fluttered out of another book. I unfolded them and read what I'd written some time ago. There were three poems, all tucked away for polishing, re-writing, whatever, and of course, never completed. One entitled "The Future" contains these stanzas:
     "Life is short," they say,
     "Eat dessert first."
      It's too late to be first,
      But dessert sounds yummy right now!

     "Throw caution to the wind," they say.
     "Take that leap of faith!"
       What does that leap look like?
       What do I leave behind?
Dessert does sound yummy! and that leap of faith is taking me right to dessert...to France. It looks like adventure; it looks like beauty and history and a different way to live life. And really, with all our modern technology, I'm leaving very little behind. Family, friends, my community are just a mouse click away! Can you say Skype?

Even with its inevitable glitches and disappointments, France is still a buffet table of goodies to taste. While I may pick pie over cake, something lemon-y over something chocolate-y, there are no bad choices, only different flavors to experience. Life is full of abundance.

The top photo is afternoon tea with Laury at Jean's. This smaller one is of some yummy goodies that Laury made with figs from Jean's tree, walnuts from the railroad tracks, honey and locally made goat cheese.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Adventure Begins...

A year and a half ago I said a big "YES" to an opportunity that I knew would change my life. And it has! My friendship with Laury that began last year with my 'yes' to her invitation to come to the Lot and stay at the Chatette has melanged into an invitation now to come for the winter and help both Laury and her friend, Jean, by housesitting as they pursue their own adventures. After a lot of angst about whether I could actually make this happen, I threw caution to the winds and declared, "Yes, I can!' My new motto is "No Regrets" or as my favorite French singer, Edith Piaf says "Non, je ne regrette rien." I'm determined that I will have no regrets when my life ends, that I will seize each day, and live my dreams if I possibly can. So, here I am...at the beginning. On September 22nd I will jet away from Chicago headed for Paris. By the evening of the 23rd, I will be here at the Chatette which snuggles on a little strip of land between Cadrieu and the River Lot...deep in la France Profonde. And here I will stay through the winter, deeply immersed in the sweet culture of a tiny French village.

I begin this blog even before the dream-come-true adventure of a life time commences because I want to capture all the yumminess of this experience, record, and savor it. There will be a few more entries before departure, but after Sept. 23rd, you're going to read  'the rest of the story;' what life is like here as I melange magic in the Lot. Please come back!