Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coffee with Greg

Late yesterday morning Laury and I walked up to the top of the village to have coffee at Greg's house. He had invited us for 11am, and we were right on time. The fog was just beginning to lift, and as I hoped it cleared completely by the  time we were ready to leave. I just had to snap a couple of photos from Greg's front window. He has an awesome view of the Chateau and the causse across the Lot. My telephoto captured the charm of Saujac and its pretty little church perfectly. Sipping  a cappuscino and nibbling on a slice of chocolate cake, I listened as Laury and Greg caught up on village news. Greg invited me to the language class he does for a few of the villagers who want to improve their English. I'll go when Laury's gone, and even though it's mostly in English, it should be a good way to improve my French a bit. I know from going once last year that the French folks speak an awful lot of French while they're trying to figure out the English word that Greg is asking them for!

A beautiful walk home to the Chatette in the warm mid-day sun.

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