Sunday, September 12, 2010


Fall  is in the air, and it seems like every blog I read is beginning to acknowledge the changing colors, the shorter days, and the cooler weather that heralds this cycling of the seasons. Laury's blog post today at Soar-Dream-France features a photo taken about the same time as this one I took last September. The trees were just beginning to turn. You can see Laury's Chatette in the lower left corner, its neighbor, the Chateau towering above it, and just peeking over Laury's roof...the village church steeple. For most people, fall signals the 'end'....of summer, of gardens, of long, lazy vacation days. For me, though, fall has always been the exciting 'beginning'....of the school year, of new adventures, new friends and new things to learn. It's so appropriate, isn't it, that I will arrive here in less than two weeks, when fall is at its peak! I will arrive to new adventures, new friends, and many, many new things to learn. Fall...the beginning of a new experience!

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