Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Million Questions

Before my trip to the Lot last September, I peppered Laury with a million questions about Cadrieu. How many people live there? Are they French or mostly ex-pats? Are there any businesses? Where's the closest boulangerie? Is there a school? What do people do for a living? Do they work in the village or do they travel to Cajarc? Figeac? Cahors? What kinds of crops do the farmer's grow? What's the weather like? Yeah, I'm pretty curious! She patiently answered my questions and also sent me this link to the village. Yes, it's in French, but if your browser is Google, Google will translate for you. Now that I've been there, I know all the answers to those questions first-hand. Now I'm even more curious, though, about what my life in the village will be like this winter. Come back after September 24th for the answers!

If you enlarge this photo and look to the far right, you'll see a big house (the Chateau). Below it and a little to the left is Laury's house...the Chatette. It sits right on the road in front of the River Lot.

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  1. I had a lot of catching up to do reading blogs, so I almost missed this. I'm so excited for you Evelyn, you're about to live your dream aren't you? Looking forward to read how you're doing. It won't be long now!