Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Hosts

You'll be seeing a whole lot more of this barn (la grange), but I wanted to introduce you to my 'hosts' in the Lot, Laury and her dog (le chien) Dali. They have opened their home and their hearts helping me make this dream-come-true adventure happen. I will care for Dali and Sam the cat while Laury works first in Holland, then in Germany on short term contracts. The barn, named 'Il y a plus que des anges' ('There are more than angels') was the site of a big apero party the end of August before the gallery opening (vernissage). Laury  has done a lot of work digging out the mud that covered the stone floor, cleaning up the wood and arranging displays of artwork inside. It's quite beautiful and she's actually found a few treasures (les tresors) while she's been excavating. It's yet another spot to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Lot.

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  1. What a neat place. Make sure to include yourself in some of these photos! :)