Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Blog Photo

Maybe you've already noticed? I've changed my blog profile photo to this one that Laury took of me yesterday afternoon. The adorable turquoise deux chevaux belongs to Christiane and she was gracious enough to give permission for a photo. If I decide to make France a permanent part of my life, this is the kind of car I'd have. I don't have to go fast or look modern and streamlined; I think old and charming is just my style. And if I could find a convertible like this one.....I'd be in heaven
For those of you interested in a close up of my new, all-gray look, here's the one I posted at Dona Nobis Pacem. Laury took this one as Lucie and I sat on an old bench she found in the loft of her barn. In the background is one of the many limestone cliffs that make up the causse; this one shelters Laury's barn, the Chatette and the village lavoir.


  1. Love the car ... and you look great!

  2. Isn't it cute?? I'm hoping Christiane will take me for a ride in it. My gray hair sort of blends in with the cliff and the rocks!