Saturday, September 4, 2010


My Webster's dictionary defines 'sojourn' as a temporary stay as a resident in another country.' My winter in France will be a sojourn; I will be a sojourner...a temporary resident. Because this is different than being a tourist, my preparation for this time is also different. Instead of planning visits to museums and galleries, I'm thinking about how I will get into Cajarc for groceries. Should I walk the 4kms or ride Laury's bike? Instead of planning road trips to the Mediterranean and Paris, I'm thinking about whether Greg will let me tag along to Figeac when I need to buy dog food and cat litter. I'll want to get into Cahors not to 'ooh and ahh' over the Pont Valente and St. Etienne's, but rather to worship with an Anglican community which meets in a Catholic parish hall outside of the city. Does the bus schedule correspond with their worship times? Can I buy an carnet of bus tokens, so I always have one handy? More questions for do I build a fire in your great fireplace? How do I make a phone call to the States? Who is your vet? What do I do if the power goes out? This trip is not so much about the bright lights of the city and the wonderful tourist attractions of France. Instead it's about that light in the window that says 'welcome home.' At least...temporarily!

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