Saturday, October 30, 2010


I've never been much of a hostess. I've entertained occasionally...people for dinner or a cook-out, maybe a potluck now and again, but I wouldn't call myself the Martha Stewart of my neighborhood. Maybe it's because I've lived in fairly isolated places that were hard for people to actually come to for a party.. When we lived in the Yellowstone backcountry, folks might ride over for dinner and end up staying the night because who wants to ride horses home in the dark at midnight? Since I've been here in Cadrieu, tho, I've discovered a whole new way to entertain....aperitif parties or 'aperos' as they're called locally. "Come for aperos" is an invitation to come for a glass or two of wine or perhaps a kir and a bit of a nibble. Not dinner, just a nibble of something. This is the spread that Laury put together last evening. Deviled eggs, artichoke dip, a platter of bite-size Laughing Cow cheeses, Averyron sausage, nuts and olives and for those with a sweet tooth, a plate of cream cheese drizzled with plum/pastis sauce to smear on crackers. The wine choices were on the bar...white, red, and rose. The nice things about aperos are that they are easy to do and if you plan the nibbles right, you fill up and don't have to cook later! I think I could be an apero hostess.


  1. I love to entertain but I do think that type of entertaining might be the most fun ... we just don't seem to do that much here in America. The table looks beautiful and so appealing!

  2. I loved the Aperos... the dips that Laury made, and the eggs too. Did you have Saucisson and the little toasts that Laury makes in the oven??