Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gates of Cadrieu

I'm intrigued by gates. Depending on my mood...or the mood of the gate...I see them as welcoming portals to adventure, brooding reminders to stay out, or barricades that keep secrets inside. To me gates are more of a tease than doors. Gates often give you a glimpse of what they are protecting or welcoming you to enjoy; doors block both your view and your imagination. I'll be sharing gates from the Lot with you this winter. This first gate is my favorite one in Cadrieu. It belongs to Madame Wells' house, and the dogs and I pass it every morning on our walk. Last September when the vines were all green, there was a big pot of red geraniums on the steps inside. Now the color is all in the vines. While the gate itself is rather plain, its archway makes me think of Alice walking thru the Looking Glass into Wonderland. What adventures might await on the other side? Here are some other views of the house. Laury tells me that the tiny shuttered window is in Madame Wells' tiny loo.

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