Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving Water Everywhere!

It's rained on and off the last two days. It's fun to watch the weather and observe how it moves here in southwest France. This storm marched up the river from the south-southwest bringing thunder, lightening, wind and eventually lots of rain with it. Inside this centuries-old stone house, it's difficult to hear the rain falling, but you can definitely see it pattering on the slowly moving Lot. Right below my window, the rainwater that drains from high up on the causse empties out of its stone spillway into the river, creating big moving ripples that are eventually absorbed into the downstream flow of the water.. As the water soaks into the stony causse, it burbles underground as well as through man-made stone canals emptying into a large stone-walled basin just below the Chateau. From there it runs into the village lavoir which you see here. If you look closely, you can see the little waterfall just to the left of the lavoir. From where I was standing on the abandoned train tracks to take the photo of the lavoir, I turned around and took this photo of the back of the Chatette. My bedroom is above the terrace in the corner closest to the lavoir.The sound of the rushing water is so refreshing! I can hear it as I lie in bed at night; it's like a medieval lullaby singing me to sleep.

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