Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not So Friendly Gates of Cadrieu

There are definitely some gates that are less than friendly in Cadrieu. These big gates to the 11th century Chateau were meant to keep unwanted people the peasants and swarms of invaders. Without scaling one of the stone walls, it's impossible to get even a peek at the courtyard inside.

This is the top of another solid gate up the road from the Chateau. The little bell hangs on the wall next to it. Do you really think if you ring it that they will let you in? My guess is they'll just laugh  like the scary mask hanging underneath those quite   unfriendly spikes!

These seems like the most inhospitable gate of all. It's the gate to the village cemetery and it just screams "STOP" to me. I'm not sure why it has to be so forbidding. No one really wants to go inside and those residents who are already inside are certainly not coming out, with or without a gate!


  1. Is that the cemetary up near the big tall tree.. I went in there!

  2. There's actually something I love about the last one. Maybe it's the color ... it would make an amazing headboard. :)

  3. Randi...I can't believe how you always find a creative idea in the most humble things. Yes, those gates would be lovely as a headboard.
    Anne...yes, those are the cemetery gates. I'm not sure if Cajarc even has a winter market; I'll have to ask around. It's been fun to sit and look out the dining area window. The trees are starting to lose their leaves and every day I can see a bit more of the Lot.

  4. Hi Evelyn ... Cajarc hold a Saffron Festival on the the last saturday of the month I believe. Worth checking out about it , has it is only once a year.