Monday, October 11, 2010

On My Own

I've been on my own at the Chatette since last Thursday morning when Laury left on her trip to the States. I've been blessed with a couple of glorious days when I mowed the grass and finished trimming the budlea. The past two days have been rainy and cool...perfect for staying in and reading, cooking, and listening to Laury's collection of classical music CDs. Lucie, Dali, Sam and I have settled into a nice routine. We're up around 6am; we eat. I check email while the animals catch an after-breakfast nap. I try to walk the dogs between 8-9am or in between showers. Sam has relaxed more and more into having a strange dog in the house. The fact that although Lucie is curious,she's not a cat-chaser has helped. Sam even sat on my lap for a bit while I read on Saturday. Last evening, though, she finally came to terms with my little black dog. She snuggled up on the arm of the couch behind my head while I read with Lucie snoozing at my feet, perfectly content to be that close as long as she could keep a watchful eye on the sleeping canine. At one point, Lucie opened one eye, looked at Sam there behind me, sighed and rolled over back into dreamland. Obviously, Sam was not nearly as interesting as the imaginary rabbits she chased in her sleep!

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  1. EJ - Your photos are wonderful and it is obvious that you are loving life. I am so happy for you. Just got back from Iowa and Larry Proper sends his best wishes to you. I have posted a few shots I took of the midwest on Flicker. Keep living the dream, you give us all hope! Mark