Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank You

I've tried to keep my expectations for this lovely French adventure to a minimum; I want to be open to any and all adventures. But I can tell you that I never expected to have the opportunity to use my nursing skills here. Here's what happened: Laury's friend, Jean was expecting visitors from the U.K. She asked Laury if I would mind helping her friend,David. It seems he had a surgical procedure to remove a growth behind his ear two weeks prior to his planned holiday at Jean's. Because the area wasn't healing as it should, David's physician told him the only way he could go on holiday was if he could find either a doctor or a nurse to change his dressing every other day and keep an eye on the surgical site. Would I be willing to do that?? Of course! I was more than happy to help. I even earned British praise for applying a dressing that actually stayed in place, something their local nurse wasn't able to do. And it was delightful listening to David tell stories with his very British accent while I did the dressing change. This pretty miniature rose bush was my 'thanks' for helping. Certainly not necessary, but very appreciated. I've been sitting it out on the living room window sill these warm days when I can have the windows open. It's happy basking in the sun. I'm happy basking in its beauty.


  1. Interesting what life brings. The roses are beautiful.

  2. A little mouse tells me you are busy baking banana bread! And so I had to come over to your home, here, and sniff around! In addition to the lovely sweet scents, my eyes are delighted by all of your "slices" of French life: the lace curtains at the window, the lovely roses, and the animals. Merci Evelyn. Wishing you a cozy Samedi.