Sunday, October 31, 2010

Traveling....French Style

After aperos last evening at Pauline's with her sister, Rose Ann, and Jean, Laury and I decided to walk the dogs down to the bus stop this morning and wish the two of them 'a bientot' as they began their journey back to England. We stood along the road at the intersection of the highway and the road into Cadrieu and visited until the 9:12am bus appeared to whisk them off to Cahors. During our few minutes by the road, we waved to a friend walking his dog along the river, greeted another woman that Laury knows as she began her bicycle ride into Cajarc to pick up her morning crossaints, and nodded to several other drivers from the village. The dogs waited...Lucie, not so patiently...for the rest of their walk. Soon the big green bus appeared and with kisses and hugs all around, the women set off. A bus ride into Cahors, then the train to Paris, then the Eurostar which will take them through the Chunnel to London. By 10pm tonight they will have arrived at St. Pancras. Rose Ann will have another hour by train to Cambridge. A long journey, but one without the stress of driving, without worrying about car break downs, traffic, finding gas, or getting lost!

Oops.....don't forget the bag, Pauline! See you soon!


  1. How wonderful that Pauline and her sister were there. A girls get-together with Jean too, think it is great. I met Pauline when I was there.