Tuesday, October 12, 2010

View From My Window...bonus post

I've sat at every chair around the dining room table trying to decide which place I like best when journaling and using my netbook. Laury sits with her back to this window facing the door to the terrace. I tried sitting that way and at the other places at the table. While the light at this position isn't perfect, I like this seat best. I love looking at the tops of the trees that line the riverbank below. I love seeing the sky with all its changing moods. When the trees finally lose their leaves, I'll be able to see the causse beyond the opposite side of the river and maybe even see a car or two on the road to Saujac. I've decided that this 'View From My Window' will be my view on the world from France. I've added this as a category for my posts. When you see it and this photo, you'll know that I'm about to express an opinion about France and/or the world in general. You've been forewarned!


  1. Hi Evelyn , I sat with my back to the window too. In fact that is where I sat to have my dinner with Laury and and Jean when she came down. Funny isn't it , that I know the window too. :-) and the view :-)