Saturday, October 9, 2010

Voices Across the River

 I took the dogs down to the river for their morning walk today. The sun hadn't quite cleared the top of the causse when I heard church bells from the direction of Saujac faintly chime 9 o'clock. From directly across the river, I could hear quite clearly voices and encouraging shouts. A man and a child alternately calling accompanied by the soft clanking of a small bell. While I could never quite see what was going on thru the thick trees, in my imagination I picture the farmer and his son moving a herd of goats from one pasture to another. I'm amazed at how clearly sounds carry across the river. I've heard boats passing, the conversations of fishermen from the opposite bank, shots from hunter's guns, motocycles on the road, baying hounds, barking dogs, and the chug-chug-chug of farm machinery...all as clear as if they are right in front of my window. I hope I'm right about the goat herd; that may mean fresh goat cheese in my future!

I listened to another farmer last week as he put up these big bales of hay. Here they are all wrapped, stacked and ready for winter.


  1. I love all the details! Sounds wonderful so far.

  2. I'm having fun sharing those details of what everyday life is here.