Friday, October 29, 2010

Walnuts by the Fire

The nights have been cold, so we've begun making a fire in the mornings to take the chill off the house. Then after the sun goes down, we build another one to warm the evening hours. I've never built a fire on an open hearth like this one, so I've been an eager student as Laury shows me the ropes. This morning seemed like a good time to sit by the hearth and crack walnuts. My mission was to make an apple-walnut coffee cake. Before I even began the walnut cracking, I searched the internet for a recipe that called for ingredients we actually had on hand. That accomplished, the walnut cracking/picking began. It was so pleasant sitting in the warm glow of the fire watching my pile of nut meats grow and sipping a cup of coffee. It didn't take long before I had enough. I got the apples peeled and diced, the ingredients mixed and the pan filled. Laury laughed at me with my little netbook computer propped up on the counter like a cookbook, but works! Soon the house was filled with a lovely nutty, cinnamon aroma. Can you guess what we had for 'dessert' after lunch?
This is how Lucie 'helps' me when I cook!

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  1. I'm feeling a bit jealous this morning,reading about the fun party and now about this. :) It sounds so wonderful. That open hearth is beautiful.