Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Composer

We rendezvous'd with Mike on the steps of the St. Cirq Lapopie church and followed him down the hill to his home for 3 months, Daura House. Mike, it turns out, is an internationally known composer of very cutting edge, experimental music. He is intrigued with the science of sound and composes music that runs the gamut of sound that instruments can make. His instrument of choice is the voice, but he composes music for various instruments including the guitar and the keyboard. Along with being a composer, Mike is also a singer, a baritone that previously sang opera. He is currently doing an invitational artist-in-residence program at Daura House which is part of the Maison des Arts Georges Pompidou in Cajarc. The concert he told us about that will occur on Nov. 25th is his final project, a culmination of 3 months' work with local musicians and singers and the performance of his very original music. Over coffee and a pastry, we talked about his theories of music as well as American politics. Then Mike toured us through the 13th century house and his studio.
Mike at his keyboard.
I'm fascinated by the visual patterns created by the composer...

Who wouldn't be inspired by the view from the composer's window?
More about  Daura House tomorrow!

Here are a couple of sites to check if you're interested in hearing Mike's music:

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