Thursday, November 18, 2010


While the Chatette has a central heating system, Laury heats with wood. It's a long story, better told by her than by me. Today, firewood was delivered, but only after a phone call last evening that must have sounded like something out of a Marx Brothers movie. Between my poor French, the wood man's no English, and his poor wife's slow, patient explanation in French dotted with couple of English words, we finally got it all sorted out. I went to bed shaking my head and muttering 'That was painful!" How many times did I apologize for not speaking enough French to understand what was being said! We got it right, though. The man delivered it and I had the correct amount of euros ready to pay for it. Everybody's happy. Wood in France is sold by the stere. A stere is 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter or about 1/3 of a cord (which is how it is normally sold in the States). At 55 euros a stere, it's not inexpensive, but this wood is a hardwood that has a long burning time which is good for a sustained fire. So, here is the winter's wood ready to go from here.....
to here......
and finally to here!

It will take me several days to get it all stacked. In the meantime, it will warm me twice as they say...once has I carry it up the stairs and onto the terrace and then again when I sit around the cozy fire.

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