Sunday, November 28, 2010

French for Dummies: Part 2

Part 2 of French for Dummies brings me here...the first house on the left as you go up the hill from the Chatette...across the way from the Chateau. In fact, this house used to be part of the Chateau. Christiane and Jean-Paul live here now in what formerly was the house of the 'keeper of the animals' for the Chateau. The other part of what is now a duplex was where the animals lived. Christiane has taken me under her wing and is helping me with my abysmal French. If there is such a thing as remedial French for Dummies, this is it! Last week we spent an hour going over masculine and feminine nouns, pronouns and articles. When's the last time you thought about articles, for heavens' sake! But in French, articles like 'the' and 'a,' and prepositions like 'to' and 'for' have to agree with the gender of the noun. I get 'le' and 'la' nouns, but I didn't know other words in the sentence had to agree in gender with them. Woe is me! Before we even got to the grammar, tho, I asked Christiane to say the letters of  the French alphabet. I can hear you groaning? Yes, I'm singing the ABC song in French like a pre-schooler. In language class, they frequently spell French words for me. I know my eyes glaze over; I can't even understand the letters! But really...if someone spelled a word for you with 'dooble-vay' and 'e-grek' would you even have a clue what they were saying. I don't!

So, Christiane is my rescuer and my taskmaster. My homework this week is to conjugate the verbs 'to sing' and 'to drink' in the present, imparfait, passe compose and futur tenses. And then to do the same thing with 'to have' and 'to be.' Guess I better get to it!

Dooble-vay= W
E-grek= Y

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  1. Oh how wonderful that Christiane is helping you .. she is such a wonderful lady ....