Friday, November 12, 2010

En anglais

If you've ever spent any time in another country surrounded by people chattering away in a language you don't understand, you'll recognize this phenomena. Suddenly out of the crowd you hear a word or two of English, and your attention is immediately re-directed to its source. And if it's American dog! That means someone from home. This happened to us last week as we were shopping for a few groceries at the Ecomarche in Cajarc. An exchage of comments en anglais led to a brief conversation in the bread aisle with a man named Mike. Mike from Wisconsin. Oh, the joy of being able to tell someone I'm from Iowa without having to explain just where Iowa is! As we chatted, Mike shared that he was a musician and giving a concert at the church in Cajarc on November 25th. We gave him our email addresses so he could provide us with more information. In a flurry of email exchanges, Laury invited him for coffee only to find out he is as car-less as we are. A quick modification of plans brought us by bus St. Cirq Lapopie on a misty morning yesterday. More about our adventures at St. Cirq tomorrow....come back!

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