Saturday, November 27, 2010

Il Va Neiger!

I ran into Jean-Paul yesterday afternoon as I was walking home from checking on Friedman's cat, Puss. As we stood in the sun, we 'chatted.' Well, as much as I can chat in French! Jean-Paul announced, "il va neiger ce soir!' I looked up at the brilliant blue sky dotted with a few white, fluffy clouds and shook my head, "Non!" After all, I'm from Iowa; I know what the sky looks like when it's going to snow. "Oui, oui," he insisted, "Cinq centimeters...ce soir." I gave it my best imitation of the Gallic shrug and said, "peut-etre." You never know if you're getting the straight scoop from Jean-Paul; he'd already asked me if  'the Americans eat the Indians with ketchup, eh, eh eh!' He frequently makes jokes that only he seems to get! As I walked the dogs down to the grass for one last pit stop about 9pm last night, I looked up at the cold black sky twinkling with stars. 'No way is it going to snow tonight,' I said to myself. Imagine my surprise when I awoke to this.....
When it stopped around mid-morning, there was about 2 inches of the wet, heavy stuff. I want to know who Jean-Paul's weatherman is....he was right on!
I wonder if Laury has a snow shovel??

Il va will snow
ce soir...tonight
cinq centimeters.....5 centimeters/1.96 inches