Monday, November 1, 2010

La Toussaint

It's la Toussaint or All-Saints Day in France. La Toussaint commemorates all the saints of the Catholic and some Protestant churches. It's a national holiday here; all banks,businesses, and post offices are closed. French children have actually been on holiday all week and will go back to school tomorrow. Cadrieu has been lively all week with kids visiting grandparents. Their voices and laughter have punctuated the usual quiet of the village. Traditionally, this is a holiday when families decorate the graves of their loved ones. Chrysanthemums are the preferred flower, an important point to remember if you're a person who takes flowers to a France, it's considered bad taste to bring 'mums!' The village cemetery is filled with flowers and potted plants this morning; only a handful of graves are not decorated. Tomorrow I'll show you where all these beautiful blooms came from and tell you about All-Souls Day.
Laury and I celebrated la Toussaint by taking the dogs for a walk under the clearing skies and gathering as many images as we could of the beautiful flowers and the changing colors along the Lot. How do you celebrate All-Saints Day?

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  1. I don't think we do celebrate it in the UK, not heard of anyone doing it. And it is definitely not a holiday... !!

    How wonderful and colourful the cemetary looks now :-)