Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sapeurs & Pompiers***

I breathlessly tried to explain that the door wouldn't open. "La porte ne pas ouvert!" They shrugged their shoulders, tres French, and showed me the purpose of their visit....the 2011 Sapeurs & Pompiers calendar. I can almost hear what you're thinking...'Aw, isn't that nice?They hand-deliver calendars to their customers.' What you probably don't know (and I do only from reading about it somewhere)  is that this is actually the fire department's annual fund-raising event. They expect a donation for their efforts! I tried various ways to ask how much was expected, but to no avail. They didn't understand a word...or at least they didn't let on that they did. "Attendez a moment!" (wait a minute!) I told them. And I ran back in the house and upstairs to find some money. It was either a 20-euro bill or a 5-euro one. Being cheap I opted for the 5. For that I received the calendar. Lots of merci's and handshakes later, and they were off to their next stop. And I'm sure my antics gave them lots to laugh about on the way!
As you can see, the calendar part isn't particularly useful. It's all really more about photos of my local sapeurs et pompiers in action with lots of advertising.

Jerome and Alexandra were my uniformed visitors. I certainly hope 5 euros was enough for them to answer promptly any emergency calls from the Chatette!
*** sapeurs et pompiers are firefighters.

Oh...and the door? If you come back tomorrow, I'll share its secret with you!

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