Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trip to Figeac

I made my first solo bus trip to Figeac yesterday and lived to tell the story! And what is so spectacular about that, I hear you saying to yourself. Let me ask you this question: when is the last time you made a trip to buy groceries by bus? Unless you live in France, my guess is never! We don't do the bus in the States. Getting back to my trip was a non-adventure. Which is good; that means I read the bus schedule correctly, had my ticket ready, got off at the right place, found almost everything at the Carrefour that I had on my list (no sweet the French not eat them?), bought just the right amount of stuff that fit in my backpack and my nifty French basket, made it back to the bus stop to catch my return ride, and arrived safely at home...all without having to open the umbrella I took, just in case! I didn't have time to take photos, tho, so you'll have to be content with these that I took last September. Isn't that a cool gate? And the garden behind it was just as intriguing.

I love the narrow winding ruelles of the old part of town.

You never know who will have their laundry hanging out to dry...or in this case, drapes?

French shops have such clever advertising!

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