Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1000 and Counting Down

According to Wikipedia there are over 1000 varieties of  French cheese! Do you think it's possible to sample them all during my stay here?? I'm doing my best. I've decided I should taste as many as possible while I have the opportunity. Cheese is incredibly inexpensive here and even small markets have more varieties than you can imagine. My time in Provence sold me on goat cheese and the tiny cabecous from the Lot area are superb. I've also become a huge fan of brebis, cheese from sheep's milk. I're looking at that plate of cheese and saying to yourself..."they all look alike to me." Yes, they do even in the close up, but they all taste different. I've been bringing home one or two pieces each time I shop. The Carrefour in Figeac puts smaller hunks on sale at reduced prices..usually between 2-3 euros a piece. The size is just right for one; I can have a few slices and it doesn't get moldy before I finish the piece. I cut a couple of pieces, grab a bit of bread and pour a glass of wine. It's a perfect meal in itself. I always taste with a sip of wine...something about the alcohol and the tannins in the wine really makes the cheese flavor 'pop.' It mellows the really pungent ones and lifts subtle flavors out of the milder varieties.
Starting at the top and working clockwise: Tome Catalan, Mont des Lacaune, Morbier Terier au lait cru, St. Nectaire en laituer, Cantal jeune.


  1. Hello Evelyn , yeah that is the way to do it .. If you want to know anything about French Cheeses , you should go over to my friend Jennifers Blog named Chez Loulou, should be in my side blog roll under French ...she lives in France and is an absolute cheese lover, does excellent reviews.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Anne! I think I've looked at her blog before and will definitely check it out again. Do you still have snow in England?

  3. Mmm ... bread, cheese, and wine. The perfect meal.