Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Hoopla That I Love

I ranted yesteday about Christmas hoopla and how I didn't miss it at all this Christmas. Well, here's part of the hoopla that I DID miss. Becky said Christmas morning was a bit chaotic. While Marley isn't quite old enough to sustain the excitement though the gift opening, Parker was wild about opening presents. He managed to open not only all of his, but everyone else's as well!


  1. The chaos really is fun. One of the pleasures of having small children.

    A very happy, happy birthday to you today ... how wonderful that you're spending it in France!

  2. Thanks, Randi! I journalled the same thing yesterday morning...who would ever think I'd be spending my birthday in France?? I'm thinking that next Christmas, tho, I need to be involved in the chaos!