Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Market

Christiane and I went into Cajarc this afternoon to the market. It's held every Saturday afternoon, but this week, it's's the annual Christmas Market! So, besides the usual selection of fruits, veggies, wine, meats, cheese and bread, there is a special tent set up for Christmas arts and crafts, food for sale and hot spiced wine to buy. The square was packed with people. Kids were lined up to pet the nanny goat and her kid and to hold a rabbit in the 'petting' tent. Actually, the rabbits were free to a good home...clever way to get rid of them, huh? My guess is that no matter whose kids take them home, they'll end up as Sunday dinner next spring.

What drew me and a lot of others, though, was the Banda de Cajarc. Their oom-pa-pa music was like a magnet; they were having so much fun! Not playing what you'd consider traditional Christmas music by any means, but drawing a crowd just the same. Everyone was swaying and tapping toes to the music. I couldn't resist a video snip to share with you. The French do love their music...of all kinds!

Drinking vin chaud, meeting and greeting, kiss-kiss-kissing, and feeling the beat of that big ol' drum...what better way to enjoy a Christmas-y Saturday afternoon--French style!

I really want to be that girl banging on the big ol' drum!

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