Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Lucie loves everything about being a French dog except....THE LEASH. I've tried to convince her that red is her color, but she's not buying it. She's never lived anywhere that she's had to be on a leash. At home I just let her out the back door, and she roams to her heart's content. She explores the creek, wanders through the farmers' fields, and chases rabbits in our yard. Oh sure, she has to be on the leash when she goes to the vet, but hey, she always gets a treat there, and all the girls coo over her and tell her she's adorable. But here in the village, she walks on the leash. For a doggie not trained in leash-walking, she does pretty well. It does cramp her style, though; she pulls and yearns to sniff every blade of grass, every potential rabbit trail, every poubelle. And Dali and I really don't walk quite fast enough for her quick little legs. But...she walks on the leash. Not because she's bad, but rather because she's insatiably curious. Every neighbor's jardin is fair game and every front porch entices with something delectable. While Lucie and I both think she's adorable, I'm not convinced that the villagers would think so if I let her explore their yards and chase their cats. I'm sure they all wince when we walk by even with Lucie and Dal  leashed as we set off a chorus of barking dogs wherever we go.

Here's the other reason that she has to walk on the leash. Many of my village neighbors keep assorted livestock: rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, horses, and even donkeys. This fellow lives right behind Jean's house. So besides flowers gardens, vegetable plots,  other dogs and cats, it's entirely possible that Lucie could get into big trouble with these guys. (Although I'm sure she would only chase a goose once; she'd learn her lesson quickly when one reared up, wings spread and pecked her!) I can see the headlines now: American Dog Deported! Attacks French Chickens!

So, my doggie walks on her leash. I take her and Dali down to the river once a day where she can run as much as she wants. She keeps saying, though, that it's just not the same as being able to roam on her own and enjoy all those enticing village scents. After all, how bad can a doggie be that sits with her little legs crossed so prettily? We're not going to find out, Miss Lucie. It's THE LEASH for you!

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