Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Local News

Cadrieu has a newspaper! Well, kind of...what it has is the twice-a-year newsletter that Christiane puts together and distributes by hand to everyone in the village. The December edition of 'Cadrieu Contact' is hot off the press. It's mostly items of interest from the mairie. For example, there is a write-up about the Telethon complete with the final amount collected (after expenses) of 1918 euros, up 98 euros from last year's event. There are also announcements about local government activities including the cost of educating Cadrieu's children and the work being done on the municipal building and the road to Grealou. There is something about doing a survey of the accessibility of public buildings, i.e. the mairie, the church, the salle des fetes. There's even a reminder to put your trash bags inside the proper receptacle and not leave them on the ground which lures dogs and cats to investigate!

Here's the article that caught my eye, though. I even got out my Larousse to make sure I translated it correctly. It says:

"Greetings...the municipal council is pleased to invite you on Saturday January 8th at 6pm to the Salle des Fetes in respect of the tradition to greet you and share with you a moment of conviviality."

When's the last time your local government folks invited you over to greet you and be convivial?? Maybe for their last fundraiser for their upcoming campaign! and don't you just love that word convivial? I think it sums up the beauty of French life perfectly!

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