Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Look Up in the Sky...It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's....

the parapenters! Parapente is French for paraglider. There is a club in Cajarc that makes regular use of the wind currents of the Lot valley. They launch from the top of the causse directly across the river from Cadrieu. These guys...there were three of them...were up and gliding when I left the house this afternoon to walk the dogs. It looks like a glorious day, doesn't it? And it was a nice afternoon, but the temperature on the terrace was 19 degrees this morning and even in the clear afternoon sun, there is heavy frost left on the grass in shady spots. It's got to be cold up there! When I arrived back at the Chatette 45 minutes later, they were still up there gliding, circling, and dipping into the wind. I often wonder when I see the 'wings' riding the currents over the river if they ever miss their landing zone and end up in the water. That would be a rude way to end a magical ride over the valley!

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  1. Hi Evelyn .. SNAP,,,, I have photos like that too .. and I think the same place ha ha