Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party Girl

Mon dieu! I've become a party girl! Anyone reading this who knows me personally will realize just how amazing that statement is. I am not known for having an active social life; I am not the life of the party nor do I even get very excited about invitations. That has changed. (Well, I'm still not the life of the party! How can you be when you don't understand the language?) But, I am being more social here than I ever have been at home. It seems like every week someone invites me for dinner. When I first got here, everyone was having Laury for a 'bon voyage' dinner as she prepared to leave for her work assignment, and I was invited along. Now, I'm just being invited. And I'm having a great time! Last night it was dinner at Josiane and Patrick's. Champagne is always the drink of choice before dinner. I've decided to collect the tops. I think a whole Christmas tree decorated with champagne tops would be stunning! The main plat last night was what Josi called 'potee.' It's a typically French dish of pork and vegetables. Last night's potee had three kinds of pork...two different sausages and big hunks of pork hocks cooked slowly for hours with white beans, carrots, and cabbage from Josi's garden. Served with a pungent horseradish moutade, it just melted in my mouth. Hunks of bread and red wine completed the main course. Dessert was a dense, dark chocolate cake and tarte tatin with a thin, flakey crust decorated by Patrick with a squirt of whipped cream. Of course, I had to try a sliver of each! While some sipped after dinner coffee, Josi brought out a big jar of homemade plums soaked in something, perhaps? Mais, bien sur**...I'll try one! a plum and a spoonful of its eau de vie in a glass...the perfect way to end a meal!

And what did we talk about as dinner ended? The next party, of course! New Year's Eve, a catered bash for many at Josi and Patrick's. We picked the menu, selected  the amuse-bouches, and sorted out the alcohol...champagne, of course, wine, vodka, whiskey. My guess is there will be another dinner before year's end, though. Look out world! Here comes the party girl.

**frequently used French phrase...'but, of course' must be said with 'French attitude' to be most effective.

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  1. How fun! And I love the idea of a tree decorated with the tops.