Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Playing Beauty Parlor

I'll bet every woman out there can remember back when she was a little girl playing beauty parlor with her friends. Having absolutely no talent and having hair down to my waist, I was usually the customer rather than the stylist. Today I got to play beauty parlor with my friend, Christiane. As usual, I was the customer! Since it's been well over two months since I've had a haircut, I was pretty desperate. Christiane called the local stylist, Sandrine, who actually comes to your home for your appointment! She made us both appointments. Today, Christiane got her highlights, and I got my haircut. I had to record the event. As I told both women, having your hair done in your home is not common in the States. They said it is very common here in France, and they were gracious enough to let me take photos as souvenirs of my day.
Sandrine brought all her own equipment. Christiane supplied coffee and Jean-Paul, who kept us entertained with his running commentary on the weather, making fires, baking potatoes, how I'll need a hat now to keep my ears warm, etc. etc.

While Christiane's color was 'working,' Sandrine shampooed me.

I had her cut it very short, and I'm very pleased with the result. Think Jamie Lee Curtis with a fat face and no Activa yogurt in her hand!

Jean-Paul made himself useful and helped Sandrine load up...

I got a great haircut. It cost me 26 euros (about 35 USD). I didn't have to find a ride or take the bus into town. And I got to spend the morning with nice people. Another successful French experience!

As I walked home, tho, I had to agree with ears were cold and I definitely needed a hat!

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  1. You must be having a wonderful adventure. Good on ya mate, as they say down under. Hey, don't be giving SWMBO any ideas about coming to Europe. She is on me all the time to go across the pond. I don't speak french and struggle with proper english most of the time so if we do decide to head over on photo expedition are you volunteering to be our french in country guide?