Sunday, December 5, 2010

Telethon 2010

The doors opened at 4:30pm and when I arrived just shortly after that time, there was already a crowd. It was sort of like a church bake sale with the pastis and the big loaves of bread baked today in several wood-fired stone ovens around the village being the main events. There were also some young girls set up to sell handmade necklaces and bracelets along with painted jars that hold votive candles.

Christiane did her best 'happy dance' trying to convince me or someone to buy one of Andre's cute little 
Much as I would have loved to have one, I instead bought one of his Aveyron baskets...much easier to bring home!
So, I 'contributed' 32,50 euros to a great cause and brought home a taste of the Lot. Bread, half a pastis, 4 merveilles (fried flat bread with a hint of lemon flavor, dusted with sugar) 6 canelle bordelais and a pretty Aveyron basket. I've tasted them all, and they are all yummy. I'm always impressed that French desserts are never overly sweet, just sweet enough to be melty mellow with a hot cup of coffee. The bread is spectacular. It has a hard, very crunchy crust, but the inside is soft with a light, moist crumb. So good warmed a bit with a dab of butter and a drizzle of Aveyron saffron honey
The official tally for the evening: 2,400+ euros!

A good evening! Made even more special with dinner at Christiane's afterward. Nine of us feasted on sanglier, potatoes, fois gras, salad, champagne and wine. Lively conversation, lots of laughing, some naughty Frenchness that I missed entirely (I do need to learn this language better!), and kissing, kissing, kissing, Kissing hello, kissing goodbye. Two kisses, three kisses, good night kisses from Jean-Paul ( a first, I've 'arrived!) and of course, the usual 4 kisses from Patrick who takes advantage of the kissing thing as much as possible! a bientot!


  1. I love the image of the basket, bread and goodies in front of the fire. Really good image!

  2. You're having the time of your life there aren't you? I LOVE to read about your French adventure.
    Have fun!