Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unexpected Pleasures: M. Winkelmann & Silent Night

This is M. Winkelmann, Laury's baby grand piano. He has his own room at the Chatette. Actually I think Laury has determined that this room used to be a separate house before the Chatette was restored., so I guess you could say M. Winkelmann has his own house. I took this photo last fall when I visited. Laury plays beautifully, and it was a joy to listen to her serenade the night with 'Moon River.' However, this fall as she prepared to leave for her work assignment, we closed up M. Winkelmann and covered him with a heavy quilt. I've since hung blankets to keep as much warmth as possible in the living area of the downstairs and to keep as much woodsmoke and fine ash as possible away from M. This past week has been mild enough, though, to open the back door and let this room have a bit of fresh air. I've partially opened the piano and have been playing Christmas carols.... until my hands and fingers get so cold I have to stop! I come nowhere near Laury's level of expertise, but I can get through an easy version of 'Silent Night' with minimal wrong notes. And it gives me great joy to play the familiar hymns and songs of the season! Being able to play M. Winkelmann this winter is definitely an unexpected pleasure!


  1. Playing Silent Night on a grand piano in a cold room in France ... not a bad way to spend the winter!

  2. Evelyn, this is so lovely, it brings tears to my eyes. By "this" I mean the piano, the setting in France, your beautiful writing, and your saying Yes to life and your embrace of No Regrets (I love that song, too! And loved the movie version, "la vie en rose," played by Marion Cotillard but with Piaf's voice). I'm in awe of your photos and what they evoke and YOU! Thank you for sharing your dream life.