Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meanwhile Out in the Garage....

While the ducks were being prepared in the kitchen, Jean-Paul was busy in the garage getting things ready for processing. The slide show takes you through that step-by-step. I think it's very interesting that everything is processed strictly in a water bath and is not done under pressure. After searching through Christiane's French/English dictionary, I was able to tell her that in the United States all meat and most all vegetables are done in a pressure cooker (autocuiseur) to ensure that all the bacteria is killed. The French who eat multiple products made with unpasteurized milk and eat food processed without pressurization seem to be totally healthy and alive...not killed instantly by botulism or other dread food poisonings! Do we over-process? I'm convinced that we do, but for litiginous rather than health reasons. I've been eating 'French' all winter without a problem!


  1. Hello Evelyn! Your videos are fascinating. Perhaps you should add to the title, "Dead Ducks: Evelyn meets Julia!" Feasting on foie gras is lost on me, but I appreciate the thoughtful preparation that goes into making such things. Once again, thanks for taking us along on your adventures! blessings!

  2. Bravo! We Americans have become germophobic. I've spent more time in France during the past 7 years than I have in the States. I regularly eat cheese made with unpasteurized milk as well as other products that have not been sterilized beyond recognition. I am healthier than I have ever been.

    I'm not saying that we should throw caution to the winds, but we need to get a proper perspective. Every time I see someone carrying a baguette, bare handed from the boulangerie, I smile.