Thursday, January 13, 2011

Municipal Services

I know that trash containers don't make for a very exciting photo, but they tell an important story about my little village of Cadrieu. They are part of the municipal services of the village. Not more than a 5 minute walk apart, they dot the rues and ruelles of the village. Each area is scrupulously clean; I can tell you from living in rural Iowa that dumpster sites there are rarely clean. Laury and I watched them being serviced one morning as we walked the dogs. Not only are they emptied, but each container is also washed with hot, sudsy water before being replaced. The French are big recycle-ers. Green is for recycle...paper, plastic, and metal. Beige is for garbage. And there is no excuse...the village supplies separate trash bags for each of charge!

The glass recycle bin is next to the bustop along the highway. It's not quite as neat, clean and tidy as the village dumpster sites, maybe because it's on the bigger road? You're not asked to separate out colors of glass...just dump it all in there, making it really easy to recycle. Other municipal services include mowing and trimming along the public areas of the village streets. One day I heard what sounded like a chainsaw buzzing all morning from the direction of Christiane's house. I asked her about it later. It wasn't a chainsaw, but rather a leaf blower. She told me that once all the leaves fall the village hires a man to come and clean them up on and along all the roads. He did a great job; there wasn't a leaf to be seen! This is local government at its best, I think. You actually get to see your tax dollars at work.

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