Friday, January 14, 2011


I've had a couple of busy days as I'm 'transitioning' this weekend. More about that in tomorrow's blog post. Today, though, after a bus trip to Figeac for groceries, a stop at the ATM, and the post office, I'm having a moment to catch my breath and to catch up on emails. I received one from a friend of mine who has recently discovered art photography and has started his own blog to share his amazing photos. His post today was on 'reflections' and how sometimes it's good just to sit a moment and reflect on how good life is. So, I'm sitting in this moment and reflecting back on 2010, a year of a few lows and a whole lot of incredible highs. Overall, a year full of blessings and abundance and good friends. A year that brought me back to France in a way that's been a dream come true. And what better reflection to illustrate this year than this one I took last September when Laury and I hiked with Jean-Luc along the Lot at St. Cirq Lapopie and marveled at how the white cliffs of the causse reflecting in the green water of the river made our world look like an Impressionist painting. Thanks, Mark, for the reminder to take this moment and think about how good my life really is!.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. I love your images and I am so very glad that you are happy. Mark