Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Ruin

You didn't really think I'd turn back, did you? Nope, I'm a 'gotta see what's around the next bend'  kind of hiker, so Lucie and I continued wandering up the road. It came to an intersection with two other dirt roads and tucked up just off one was this intriguing ruin.  We picked our way through a lot of brush to explore it...

The property was enclosed in this dry-stacked stone wall. I'm amazed at the work that goes into these walls, and you see them everywhere.
Only two walls remained standing. I could see openings that held roof beams along the wall above the window. Had it been a house? a shepard's hut?
It was very difficult to get even this poor photo of the small structure just behind the bigger ruin. It was circular, about 3 feet in diameter and that dark place is actually an opening into what I'm sure was a space that originally had a roof. Here are my guesses at what it might be: the well, a cold storage place for food, or a bread oven. Because of this and the size of the ruin, I think this was a house. A farmer lived here on top of the causse with perhaps a wife and family...far from any village or any neighbors. A hard, lonely life, I think.
Lucie and I walked a bit further up the road and then decided it truly was time to go home. I snapped this photo when we reached Les Cayrels, Jean's road. 'Look, Lucie,' I said, 'we were up there...'way up there on top!'