Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Signs in a Small Village

I'm intrigued by the signs I see in this small village...
Welcome to Cadrieu!
This way to Grealou, a small town on the causse. I can't find igue in my Larousse, so I asked Christiane what it means. She says it means 'a small hole in the ground.' Wikipedia says it's a regional term specific to the Lot and Quercy and is a small well caused by the collapse of ground into a cavern. Worth a visit!
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The school's been closed for almost 20 years, but the sign remains. It's always good to be on the lookout for children....
For Sale...a plot of land by the church. Most property in France is sold through a notaire
Some village houses have names. Laury lives at the Chatette; Jean's house is called Le Chalet. This house is named 'chante merle' or 'blackbird sings.' That's lovely! Does your house have a name?

The bulletin board outside the mairie. Lots of notices put up and torn down over the years....

Street signs....
Railroad tracks ahead....
An old department directional sign...Cajarc, Montbrun, Figeac. Obviously from a time when people drove much slower and could have time to actually read this sign!
To the church....
'Honor to our assistant.' Each person that serves in muncipal government has a similar sign that they display on their home. This sign is high up on the corner of Christiane's house...she is the village assistant mayor. Does your town 'honor' your city officials this way?

Signs in a small village...some familiar, some not so much, all intriguing!


  1. Hi Evelyn .. great post. And you have answered a question for me :-) .. The photo at the end, I wondered what these signs meant!!

    No way does the UK honour like this .. do they in America??

  2. I love the signs ... they look mostly vintage and they're so fantastic. Wish I could pilfer a few for my house. :)

  3. Randi...the signs are so cool. I'm sure you'd find something creative to do with them!, we don't honor our politicians at all in the States! Not sure that they even deserve it