Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring in January?

I'm trying to remember how long it's been since I've spent the winter months someplace that the ground didn't freeze and everything didn't turn brown and die in the cold. I left southern California in 1975 and since that time, I've lived in the Colorado mountains, in Montana, and in Iowa...all places that 'enjoy' a long, hard, frozen winter. So when I saw these dainty flowers popping up all over Laury's yard this weekend, I gasped in amazement 'Yes, I remember now...there are places in the world where spring starts in January!' There are several patches of these little guys in her lawn that literally sprang up overnight.
Just so you don't think the flowers are a fluke, the lilac bush on the terrace is also starting to swell with leaf buds. I'm not naive enough to think the cold weather is over; there are several more weeks left of winter with the potential for cold temperatures and snow. But, these early signs of spring give me hope that warmer weather, longer days and blooming flowers are on the horizon. Flowers and leaf buds in unexpected pleasure!

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