Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time to Transition

When the seeds for the idea of spending this winter in France sprouted over a year ago, it was originally to house sit here at le Chalet for Jean while she spent the winter in her native England. As the idea evolved, we were able to dove-tail the house sitting with Laury's work assignments, so that I could take care of the Chatette, Dali and Sam as well. Laury returns from the Netherlands this evening and will be home for 6 weeks before her next assignment in Germany. It's time for me to transition! Lucie and I have been moving our 'stuff' up to Jean's over the past few days. Le Chalet is on the other side of the village. It's about a 15 minute walk with the dogs; could be less if they didn't want to stop and sniff every blade of grass between here and there! This is the more 'modern' side of the village. Most of the houses look to be 17th-19th century construction with a few, like Jean's, much more recent. Jean's little house is cabin-style and much smaller than Laury's, but with plenty of room for Lucie and me. There are pros/cons to each place, of course; I like having the opportunity to observe the village from a different perspective. The biggest challenge in all this transitioning is internet access; I'll have it at Jean's, if I can figure out how to get it hooked up to my netbook! If all else fails, I can always come here to Laury's and use her wireless connection. I say all this to let you know there may be a few days that I won't be able to blog. Hang in there with me! I'll get it all sorted out eventually. When I do, I'll share life from the other side of Cadrieu with you.


  1. I remember the first time going to Jean's house on my own .. I got lost ... luckily Patrick was out driving around, he gave me a lift .. :-)

    Yes so different to Laury's place .. and a totally different aspect to the village .. Are you looking after Jeans dog too?? I am sure you will manage to hook up as you call it LOL ..

    Has any post come for Laury .. from me ?

  2. Looking forward to seeing another side of things.

  3. Anne...Rocky went to England with Jean,so it's just me and Lucie here. I haven't seen anything from you for Laury.