Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fat Balls

Fat balls...yes, that's what they're called, boules de graisse, and the birds love them. They appear to be compacted suet with seeds embedded; they come in their own little net sack to hang them from trees and bushes.. In this rural area, I've enjoyed lots of birds. Down at Laury's, I frequently caught a glimpse of a great blue heron along the river as well as an occasional duck. At night, I was entertained by the owls calling to one another. Here at Jean's there's a real variety. Many are the sparrow-finch-chick-a-dee type that flock to the fat balls. (Can you tell I don't really know what kind they are!?) Lots of crows cawing, doves that coo from the trees and brush, and an occasional raptor that swoops over the open field in front of the house. Most notable, tho, are the magpies! They are everywhere and squawk raucously from the trees. One sunny afternoon I saw 6 of them 'chatting' in the leafless tree directly in front of the Chalet. What a racket they were making!


  1. I love that little bird face in the second photo!

  2. He was looking right at me when I snapped the photo. I was zoomed in as much as I could be...even at that distance and thru the window, any time I'd move, they would fly away. The close up one is taken from right here at my computer looking out the window. It's fun to sit here and watch the little guys peck the ball.