Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fosse Septique

It's the buzz of the village the past few weeks, and it's French bureaucracy at its 'best.' It's all about the mandatory fosse septique inspection. Millions of French people use septic tanks as medieval villages and towns rarely have the luxury of a sewer system. SPANC (Service Public d’Assainissement Non Collectif )will visit every septic tank in France by 2012 to assure each and every one is NOT polluting the environment. Click here to read about it. I think it's interesting that every paragraph ends with 'Don't Panic!' For the privilege of having her septic tank inspected, Laury will pay the SPANC guy 80 euros! According to the rules, if there is a problem and she's not in compliance (my guess is that very few septic systems in this 13th century village will be in compliance!), she will have 4 years to make the necessary improvements. There is money available to assist if finances are a problem, and for those systems that cannot be made compliant, the village will assume some sort of responsibility.

So yesterday, I helped Laury clear away the huge clump of vines that tumbles down the wall next to the railroad tracks and partially covers the opening to her fosse septique. It actually turned out to be easier than she anticipated....
"Watch out...woman with hoe!"

'F' marks the spot...

There it is! Laury is lucky; her fosse septique is easy to find and accessible. Some of her neighbors don't even know where their's is located. The inspection is this afternoon, and I plan to be there. I have a somewhat morbid curiosity about waste products. I'll report back the findings.
And yes, I did actually do a little work to help. Did you think I just stood around taking pictures?

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