Friday, February 11, 2011

The Parvis

Cajarc is a charming little town, but my favorite part (as it is in all the medieval villages and towns here) is the old section, the part that dates back to at least the 13th century (although there is evidence of settlement here back when this was part of the Gallo-Roman empire). And my favorite part of old Cajarc is the square or parvis in front of the church, St. Etienne. It was quiet and sun-lit when Laury and I arrived, its peacefulness matched the warm winter day.

                                             Shutters thrown open welcoming the afternoon sun...
St. Therese, the Merci Lady, greeted us as we entered the church. We both lit a candle and wandered a bit.
I paid my respects to my favorite saint, St. Jacques, the patron saint of pilgrims everywhere.

The interior of this old stone church was icy cold! How do people sit through Mass here?
The open door drew us back out into the sunny afternoon....

as did the lure of a beer on the terrace at Le President.
Sante, Cajarc!

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