Friday, February 18, 2011

Septic Success!

The septic inspection man arrived right on time. Laury had her paperwork ready; Christiane came down just in case there was French spoken that Laury didn't understand. There wasn't...Laury did a great job speaking and understanding the questions. Completing the paperwork was the first order of business. "How many rooms in your house, Madame? How many square meters is it? When was the tank last cleaned? How many people live here?" Laury attempted a little light humor by asking if Dali and Sam counted; Monsieur the Inspector hardly cracked a smile...this is serious business, I guess. He collected his tools from the van: a shovel, a pick axe, gloves and a long clear tube thing.
First he lifted the cover off the gray water/grease trap opening....yuck!

It took some digging and prying to access the waste opening...
What do you mean there are pieces of clothing in there???

Using his long clear tube, Monsieur measured water levels.

"Madame," he began, "you determine when you need to clean your fosse septique by comparing the percentage of water to the percentage of ....." Here he fumbled for the right word.
"Sh*t?" volunteered Laury.
"Merde?" I chimed in.
This time we did get a stifled chuckle from Monsieur the Inspector! "Well...yes," he admitted.
He went on to thoroughly explain the system and how it works. He graciously answered all Laury's questions. After washing his hands inside, he wished us 'au revoir' and was on his way.
The findings? Laury doesn't need to clean her tank for 2 years, she is in compliance, her tank will be inspected again in 6 years at which time she will need to provide information about the pipes that drain the tank. Monsieur will sign his report as will his boss. Madame Gentou, the village mayor will also sign it, and it will be kept on record in our mairie.
Laury will receive a bill for 80 euros.
As she said, Monsieur the Inspector more than earned his 80 euros.
"Heck, I'd have paid him 100 euros to dig that up. He has a really yucky job!"


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