Sunday, February 6, 2011

This & That

Daily life here in Cadrieu is not a whirlwind of activity. It's a lot like your life...a little of this, a little of that. Language class twice a week produces more homework than I'd like, so some of my time during the week is taken up completing a grammar assignment and writing a story in French. I wish I could tell you that I'm one of those good students who works on her French every day...alas, non. I walk Lucie every day, usually twice. I read, I journal, I read and respond to emails, listen to music, do laundry, clean house, plan and cook meals. I blog. I explore the little ruelles in the village.I snap some photos.Laury and Dali might come for coffee or Lucie and I might walk to the Chatette. Sound exciting, yet?? When I'm at the Chatette, I spend time each day tending the fire and hauling wood. Here at Jean's, I'm stacking a bit of her firewood. On days that I go into town for groceries, I plan my day around the bus schedule. Some things that you do that I don't: watch TV, pop in a DVD, drive around shopping. I don't miss those things much at all.

Life here isn't about going and doing and seeing the sights. It's just about this and Yesterday the sun came out in the afternoon bathing the village in light and a bit of warmth. I pulled out a table and chairs and did my homework in the sun. This is my life. And for me, it's as exciting as window shopping on Champs-Elysees or driving to look at an historic chateau. I'm happy for you to join me at the table. I'll pour you a glass of wine. The only catch have to help me with my French homework! Deal?


  1. I would not berate myself too much, if I were you, about being "a good student of French". Just think, you are immersed in it each and every day and you are managing to interact with the people you meet! How many Americans could pull that off!!! Weather here in the Luberon has been fantastic! It has been warm and sunny.

  2. Thanks, Jo Anne, for your encouraging words! We speak a lot of 'Franglish' around French friends practice their English; I practice my French. We don't always find all the words we need!