Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Walking to Cajarc

Ever since I arrived here in September, I've talked about walking into Cajarc. The bus schedule isn't conducive to an easy trip that way for groceries or to do other errands; it works better to go to Figeac for that. Cajarc, though, is only about 4 kms and is definitely walk-able. Every time I'd think about trying it, the weather wouldn't cooperate or something else would come up. Yesterday, though, the weather was lovely, and the time was right. Laury and I rendezvous'd at the bus stop at 2pm and began the trek. We first walked along our stretch of the river where we've taken the dogs many times. Eventually, we had to come up off the river bottoms and walk along the road, not as scenic, but do-able. At the train house where the road crosses the old railroad tracks, we cut back onto this path along the river. It was absolutely beautiful! To our right there were small garden plots still with some winter vegetables. You could tell the cold earth was just itching for warm spring sun and the gardener's hoe. Laury says the little gardens are loaded with all kinds of vegetables and flowers in the summer.

We followed this path along the trees. I could just imagine how lovely it is in summer when they are all leafed out and shady.
At various places there were benches to sit on and rest weary feet. We took advantage of this one for a few minutes.

Then it was back to walking. Before we could say "Mon Dieu, c'est tres beau aujoud'hui" the bridge came into view, and the water tower announced that we had arrived at our destination...Cajarc.

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