Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring

Happy first day of spring from France! And did you see that full moon last night? It was shining so big and bright last evening as I walked down the hill at midnight from a dinner party that I didn't even need my tiny flashlight to guide me home. The biggest full moon in twenty years lighting the night of the spring equinox has to be a potent sign of good things to come. And I hope it shines graciously on my plans for the rest of this year. I received a surprised comment on my post this Wednesday, Where Is Home? asking me about my plans for returning to France. It's time to share them in full.

I will leave France on May 9th spending the summer months in Iowa and in northern Wisconsin working as a camp nurse at Red Pine Camp. After camp I will close up my house again...if I haven't been able to sell it...and head west to visit Travis, Becky and kids and end up in Nevada to see my brother and my Dad. I will fly back to France on Sept. 27th from Reno. Hopefully, France will have me back! I will do the paperwork for a long-term visa, so I can legally spend as much time here as I want. Lucie will stay here with Laury, Dali and Sam until I return. While all the details aren't worked out, I will help Laury again with pet care if she needs it, perhaps house sit, perhaps rent a little house here in the village. Lots and lots of difficult logisitics to figure out, of course, but difficult things have never stopped me in the past and won't now. All I need to do is 'melange a little more magic.'The adventure continues!

Flower photos...roses were taken on a Paris street in 2009. The pansies are from the Cahors market two weeks ago.


  1. Evelyn - I think your plan sounds splendid! Just living each day trying to the happiest we can is a gift. I hope Shawna and I are able to see you when you are back. You are welcome to come visit in California or Iowa which ever best fits your schedule. We just picked up a place in Redondo Beach and the only thing between me and the ocean is the handrail on the balconey and a martini. We would love to have you!!!

  2. Hi Evelyn , you certainly have settled in well with Laury and Jean and the village ....they are all wonderful people .... you will be a Fench speaker before you know it ..!! I am loving your plans and wow to return to Cadrieu is amazing. xo