Tuesday, March 22, 2011

la rive droite**

My time in France has been about living here, not about being on vacation. So I'm excited that I'll end my visit with a weekend in Paris to be just a tourist. Laury and I will meet on Friday as she returns from her work assignment. We'll spend Friday night and Saturday exploring the city. She'll leave on Sunday to complete her journey home to Cadrieu, and on Monday, I'll fly back to the States. I've put myself in her hands. She is a Right Bank girl; I'm a Left Bank'er. She's agreed to show me 'her' side of the Seine. This photo is from L'eglise St. Merri, one of the few Right Bank churches I know. We may attend a Saturday evening concert here. I expect we'll explore Montmartre and St. Eustache which is Laury's favorite church in Paris. What other wonderful places will she share with me? It will be intriguing to see part of Paris that I'm not familiar with and to see it through someone else's eyes. And I'll have Sunday afternoon and evening on my own. I've already got a few ideas for how I'll spend that time....on the Left Bank!

This is a photo of the vestibule of St. Merri. I love the juxtaposition of the graphic black and white floor tiles, the childrens' art and the Gothic elements of the old church. Mixing old and new is something that France does best.

**la rive droite....the Right Bank

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  1. My first comment just got lost to a faulty word verification ... oops!

    I can't believe your time is almost over. It seems you've been there so long and it also seems to have been a flash. I'm so glad you're going back!